Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Beginning...

Maybe my blogging should have begun in January to be considered the beginning, but whatever; I decided to start blogging about what's been on my mind now. I'll probably attempt to blog three times a week (Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday). I don't have the most exciting life and I'm not really looking for one; I enjoy doing whatever I do whatever it is, true story. So to whoever reads my blog, don't have any expectations.

I'm in limbo career wise. Graduated from UC Berkeley in December 09', one semester early. I applied to Dentistry school, but did not make it in. My DAT's would be sufficient enough if I had come out of Berkeley with better grades. So my current plan is to do some post-bac work to increase my science GPA and probably apply to some master programs and some PA programs. The only thing I worry about is my extracurricular activities and getting my letters of recommendation. I should start emailing teachers this week...have to start figuring out my future.

I also finally bought a gym pass; going with my friends Jackie and Steve later on today. I haven't been to the gym in a long time, but I hope it doesn't turn out too bad, despite it being legs and arms (I HATE LEG WORKOUTS). I used to work out when I was in Berkeley, but stopped when I lost my partner and motivation. I thought I could just do basic stuff and that would be enough (pretty much my mindset these last few months), but I finally realized I have to start doing SOMETHING with my life in hopes that it'll change my attitude on other things.

My main problem is that I'm easily satisfied. Even when I was working at Target, I never really have that need to prove myself to people and gain respect. My parents will never understand this aspect of me because all they care about is having a high status. I'll go more into my whacked out mentality on Thursday.

See you readers next time.

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