Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 3+4+5 rofl

So it hasn't even been a week yet and I already was too lazy to keep blogging. I really do need to keep doing this because my ability to write has gone down so much. So here's to me trying to keep blogging after my initial failure.

Chau had a birthday dinner on Saturday at Red Lobster. Food was alright, but I got three appetizers that proved to not only be a little too much, but not as good compared to appetizers at Applebees. Chicken was meh, calamari wasn't anything great, and the mozzarella sticks were not as hot as they should be. Pretty much all of RNRT came out so it was nice seeing everyone, except for Patty because she's apparently too cool. (If you're reading this Patty, I''m just kidding)

Been going to the gym with the guys and It's been fun. My legs are crap though, so freaking weak. I struggle with a lot of exercises mostly do to the fact that I haven't been in the gym so long and I'm not used to it. Either way, I feel stronger and I've been keeping up with my cardio/playground workouts between days. Sprinted on Wednesday and man it was fun. I can tell the leg workout I had really helped. I flew on that hill, I was very impressed with myself.

I also joined another L4D1 team to play in CEVO Season 02 and iDleague. Nothing serious; just playing for fun so i'm not going all gung ho on it. Got invited to join some other teams, but declined because they usually have someone on it that pisses me off.

Pretty much it...not much variability in my life atm.

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