Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 2 and still going!

So far so good; I didn't forget to blog. I wouldn't say a lot of things happened to me since the last time I blogged, but enough that I think whoever reads will be entertained. I'm also trying to come up with some things I can include in my blog like the song I've been listening to the most for the week and other things like that. My paragraph and story structure is shit right now as you can tell, I jump from topic to topic. It's mostly because I haven't written in so long so bear with me.

Song of the week: Sam Tsui - Hold it Against Me (Britney Spears Cover)

I'll also try something to help me organize my shit. I'll probably just write things by topic.

The last few days (at least 3), I've been waking up with a bloody nose. I've been sick before this so I'm hoping it's just some freak side effect. I don't feel anything worth mentioning like dizziness or any of that so I'm just going to hope it eventually goes away. I have no insurance anyways.

I've been to the gym on Tuesday and Today. I've roughly 155 and 5'7'' tall. I've been 155 for the last month or so after my 30 lbs loss which I am really proud of since it was effortless in my opinion. I've been eating more, mostly because we eat after we workout and so far it's been a buffet and a big order of fast food. I'm thinking about keeping my gym logs on here, but I think it'll be more convenient to have it saved by itself so I'll probably do that. Being back in the gym these two days makes me wonder why I ever stopped. I could have been quite a monster if I kept it up. I think the only reason I stopped was the loss of motivation when I couldn't go with a partner and the fact that I feel uncomfortable going to the gym alone for some reason. That and the fact that I don't like to ask people to spot for me. It's always good to have a goal so I think what I'm aiming for is a nice body at 170 lbs. Not aiming to be super buff or anything, but I have in mind what I would like.

Yes, RNRT deserves its own's that big a part of my life. When RNRT went down, I rarely talked to anyone unless Jackie asked me to play games. Nothing much going on in here besides Chau finally joining Jackie and I, in playing Dead Space 2. Our chatroom is pretty awesome in my opinion, I haven't pinpointed the exact timeframe, but my first recorded cowflexchat invite was in 2008, which means we've been doing this thing for AT LEAST 3 years. Our population is a strong 6(9). I say 6 strong because the guys are always there and the 3 girls that come, come randomly and rarely use the chat.

I've been a PC gamer for awhile now. Left 4 Dead 2 is the first actual game I tried being good at. I've spent according to Steam 1068 hours on it, 778 of it actually being in a game. I like to think of myself as a mid to high player. I know everything about the game, but sometimes; I won't do something even though I know i should be doing it. Kind of hard to explain if you don't play the game so I won't go into it. I only mention L4D2 because I've decided to take a break from the competitive scene (I've always been on a team).

Jackie and I have beaten Dead Space and now are playing Dead Space 2. Like I mentioned above, we finally got Steve to play with us. I know for a fact Jackie and I have the same craving for horror films and games. It's always fun playing scary games with Jackie because we get really into it. If you saw us play Amnesia: Dark Descent, you would have been entertained throughout.

Social Life
Not much of a social life. Sad as that sounds, it's not as bad as it sounds. I don't have much o a social life because I don't really care. I am a person who is easily satisfied. I can game and talk with my friends and be comfortable with that lifestyle (currently living it). I only go out if someone invites me and if it sounds fun. The most recent outing was for my very beautiful friend Stephanie. We went to Hue for drinks and did some karaoke after. I had a lot of fun, but it's fun that I also could have been doing if they decided to sit and talk for hours. I can have fun doing ANYTHING. I'm very easily satisfied, which is why I don't hang out often and don't spend money unless it's on food or my computer.

Other Things I'll get into later

I yelled at my niece today, but I'm too lazy to get into it on this post. Might talk about my stand on getting a girlfriend, but maybe that's something better left unsaid. I have a lot of stuff I can write about, but we'll see what I decide to do on Sunday.

Until next time, hope you weren't too bored.

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